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Do you know these electrical hazards in the workplace?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2021 | Construction Accidents |

As a construction worker, you face several on-the-job hazards unique to your industry. Sometimes, reminding yourself of those hazards may not only help you avoid an accident, but it may also help you understand your employer’s responsibility for keeping you safe.

Eastern Kentucky University Online breaks down common electrical dangers construction workers face. Keep yourself and your coworkers safe, and ensure your employer does the same.

Damaged tools and equipment

Before using tools and equipment with wires or cords, inspect them for signs of damage. Fraying and wear and tear may create risks for unwary employees.

Overhead power lines

Keep an eye out for overhead power lines while you tend to your job duties. Working too close to lines coursing with dangerous electricity could result in accidental contact, which may lead to burns and electrocution.

Poor wiring

Besides damaged electrical equipment and tools, you must also check that you use the right wiring for equipment and tools. Improper wiring could lead to fires and overheating. Further, double-check that you use the right circuit breaker, electrical cord and outlet for the job.

Wet conditions

Use power tools especially carefully in rainy weather and wet conditions. It becomes vital to examine tools for damaged insulation in wet working conditions.

Exposed electrical components

Working electrical equipment and tools carry their own risks when exposed to certain conditions. Cover power distribution units, temporary lighting and exposed electrical components to reduce their level of risk.

If you sustain harm from an electrical hazard, you may have a personal injury case. By learning about various hazards, you learn how to protect yourself and your rights.