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What should I know about driving around commercial vehicles?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Commercial vehicles like trucks and buses handle much differently as compared to regular passenger vehicles. Understanding these differences can help ensure that you spend your time much safer on America’s roadways.

The best thing to do is give trucks and buses as much room on the road as possible. In order to pass a truck or bus safely, ensure that you are aware of the blind spots or no zones on these vehicles and always pass on the left.

The importance of space

Since commercial vehicles have much more mass than passenger vehicles, they require much more room to slow down and stop. This comparative lack of maneuverability can make them very dangerous in close quarters. This is why you should always give commercial vehicles plenty of space when driving around them.

Be aware that the blind spots on commercial vehicles are very large. These are the “no zones,” since you should not spend any appreciable amount of time in them. When you are in a blind spot the driver cannot see you, and this is dangerous.

Pass on the left

Another important factoid is that the blind spot on the left side of a commercial vehicle is only one lane wide. The blind spot on the other side is nearly two lanes wide. This is why you should always take care to pass commercial vehicles on the left, since the blind spot here is smaller. Passing a commercial vehicle on the right is extremely dangerous and you should avoid it. When passing, speed up so as to get out of the “no zone” as quickly as you can.