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When can I make a SUM claim?

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

If you are in an accident with a truck, the chances are great you and your passengers will suffer the worst injuries. While you may have liability insurance, it will do you no good if you suffer injuries because it only pays for people outside of your household.

To ensure you have the medical coverage you need, you can get Supplemental Underinsured Motorist coverage. The New York State Bar Association explains SUM coverage will pay for your medical expenses if the trucker’s insurance does not cover all the expenses. However, you must meet certain requirements for SUM to kick in and pay out.

Proof of accident

The insurer will require you to show the incident that led to your injuries was an accident. What you must show is up to the insurer.

Insured qualification

You must provide proof you are an insured person under the SUM policy. It either must be your policy or the policy of a relative or household member, or you must have been a passenger in a vehicle the policy covers.

Proof of other insurance payouts

You will need to provide proof that the other party’s insurance has paid out in full of the policy limits to collect under SUM. If the other party had no insurance, you will also need proof of that.

Fast claim

You must submit your claim for the SUM benefits soon after the accident and once you know you will need them. If you delay or do not file, your insurer can deny the benefit payout.

Bodily injury limits

It is important for you to show your bodily injury coverage limits exceed the bodily injury limits of the other person’s policy. For example, if your policy covers $50,000 and the other party’s limit is $30,000, then your limits exceed the other person’s.

SUM coverage can come in handy when you are in a serious accident, such as with a truck, and the responsible party does not have enough insurance to cover your medical expenses.