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4 things to do after a bicycle accident

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents |

Collisions between bicycles and motor vehicles are very common. Bicycles are much smaller and harder to see. If a car hits you while you are on your bicycle, you are more likely to sustain injury because motor vehicles are so much bigger and heavier.

After a collision between your bike and a motor vehicle, your goals should be to prevent further damage, get any necessary medical treatment and gather as much information about the accident as you can. The following steps from Consumer Reports can help you achieve all three goals.

1. Get off the road

If you or your bike remain on the road, it increases the risk for a second accident. Get off the road as soon as you can, but take care not to injure yourself further.

2. Call 911

By calling 911, you can summon law enforcement to the scene to take your statement and testimony from witnesses. Authorities use these statements, as well as an investigation of the scene, to write an accident report. This is evidence that can help you later.

3. Seek medical attention

You may have worse injuries from the accident than you realize at first. When authorities arrive at the scene, they may offer to have you transported to the hospital by ambulance. You should take advantage of the offer because if you do have serious injuries, it may be difficult or impossible for you to make it to the hospital on your own.

4. Delay repairs

Damage to your bike or equipment can help support your case. By throwing damaged equipment away or having your bike repaired, you could be destroying evidence that is valuable to you.

As with a collision between two automobiles, you should obtain information from the driver. If he or she is cooperative, you should ask for insurance information, but at the very least, you can get a photo of the license plate. Do not attempt to negotiate with the driver or accept any offer of money. Wait to discover the extent of the damage or injury.