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Did you suffer from a skull fracture?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury |

Though the safety of cars has undergone great improvements over the years, it is impossible to keep drivers and passengers at a guaranteed rate of 100 percent safety within the vehicle. If you get into a crash, you will likely suffer from injury to the head, neck or back.

Skull fractures rank as one of the slightly less common but more dangerous forms of head injuries you could experience. Quick action remains the best way to ensure that the damages from a skull fracture do not worsen.

Neurological and behavioral differences

Merck Manual discusses potential signs that might indicate a skull fracture. First, behavioral changes due to neurological damages. It is common to feel agitated, upset, confused and overwhelmed when suffering from any sort of brain trauma. Failure to recognize surroundings or people in the area also ranks as a common symptom. Sometimes the mental and behavioral symptoms will clear on their own quickly, but other times, they may worsen.

Potential physical side effects

Next, physical red flags. It is common to suffer from partial or full paralysis of some or all limbs, along with experiencing excruciating headaches that often worsen over time. Other examples can include ringing from the ears, or even bleeding from the ears. This happens when blood pools behind the eardrum and the eardrum bursts from the pressure.

Speaking of, bruising around the eyes and behind the ears may also occur. This is a sign of blood within the skull, as blood will collect in any hollow area and settle there, creating the appearance of a bruise. If you notice these signs, seek immediate medical care.