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Using PPE to protect yourself from construction injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Construction Accidents |

Personal protective equipment should be the first thing you gather when preparing to start a new construction job in New York. Due to the unique risks of working in the construction industry, you should use PPE consistently to protect yourself from harm.

Knowing some common PPE items, as well as some not-so-common ones can help you determine what to do to stay in compliance with industry-regulated standards.

Types of equipment

There are several different levels of PPE. According to The Home Depot, these PPE levels include the following:

  • Level A: High-level skin, mucous and membrane, eye and respiratory protection
  • Level B: High-level respirator protection
  • Level C: Protection against airborne substances
  • Level D: Lower-body protection

Because you work in construction, you may need materials that fall in each of the aforementioned categories. Many jobs will require you to work at height, near heavy machinery and around considerable noise. You may also work near falling debris or need to operate heavy equipment.

Some of the most critical items you should have may include a hard hat, eyewear, gloves, reflective clothing, steel-toe work boots, abrasive-resistant clothing and harnesses for more dangerous jobs. You may also consider items such as sunscreen and weather-appropriate clothing to count as PPE.

Accident response

Even if you take utmost precautions to protect yourself, accidents can still happen sometimes. Your employer should provide ample training about emergency responses in the event of an accident. Whether you or someone else suffers an injury, knowing how to respond may reduce confusion and expedite the process of getting emergency medical help.

You deserve to feel safe and protected at work. Collaborating with your employer can help you identify ways that you can improve your safety so you can do your job effectively.