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Statistics on pedestrian injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Personal Injury |

Whether you walk near traffic daily or you occasionally enjoy jogging for exercise, you need to understand the risks you face as a pedestrian. Every year, pedestrian accidents result in many injuries, and these injuries create a wide variety of hardships in the lives of victims.

By reviewing data on pedestrian accident injuries, you can develop a better understanding of the risks you face when walking near traffic as well as the prevalence of these accidents.

Data on injuries due to pedestrian accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, estimates show that 137,000 pedestrians needed emergency treatment as a result of nonfatal injuries sustained in traffic collisions during 2017. Furthermore, data shows that greater vehicle speeds not only lead to a higher chance of a pedestrian accident but also increase the odds of the pedestrian suffering more severe injuries. Moreover, the risk of a pedestrian dying in a traffic accident is 1.5 times higher in comparison to someone riding in a passenger vehicle.

Strategies to avoid a pedestrian accident

As a pedestrian, you can take different steps to lower your chances of becoming injured in a traffic accident. For example, you should try to cross the street in a designated, safe location. Furthermore, you should try to stick to sidewalks and avoid walking on the road, or walking toward traffic if there is no sidewalk. Reflective clothing and using a flashlight at night can help drivers see you.

Sadly, pedestrians become injured in accidents regardless of how much they focus on safety. If a negligent driver caused you or a loved one to become hurt, explore your options during recovery.