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Red-light-running on the rise in New York

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Research shows that it is a dangerous time to drive New York’s roads, and this is particularly true in New York City. February 2022 was the deadliest February in New York City in 14 years, and a growing number of road deaths are resulting from motorists running red lights.

According to the New York Post, there were 23 deaths in New York City in February 2022. This is more than double the number of traffic fatalities seen during the same month in 2021.

Red-light-running statistics

The number of motorists who run red lights in New York City has risen rapidly in recent months and years. During the second half of 2021, red-light violations increased by 50% in comparison with the same period two years prior. This indicates that city officials must do more to help reduce these numbers and protect drivers and passengers navigating signaled intersections.

Red-light-running cameras

Research shows that red-light cameras, which photograph and identify violators who blow through signaled intersections, are an effective means of reducing the number of drivers who blow through red lights. However, there is currently a cap on red-light cameras in the city. Right now, there are only 150 such cameras in the community despite the fact that there are more than 13,250 signaled intersections throughout the city. Some safety advocates call the 150 red-light camera limit “woefully inadequate,” arguing that the city should install more since they have proven, positive effects in terms of reducing red-light crashes.

Some of the efforts city officials have in mind to help reduce deadly crashes include redesigning intersections and ramping up enforcement in these areas.