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Electrocution the most common electrical injury in construction

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Construction Accidents |

Many safety hazards exist on a New York construction site. However, electrical hazards are among those most likely to cause serious, potentially life-threatening electrical injuries. Electrocution is now the most common electrical injury in construction. This highlights a need to enhance safety in this area on construction sites.

Per Construction Exec., more than half, or 53%, of all electrical injuries that ended in death took place on construction sites across the United States.

Understanding electrocution and electrical injuries

When someone experiences electrocution, he or she undergoes exposure to a potentially fatal amount of electrical energy. Typically, electrocution occurs when someone working on a construction site has unintentional contact with power lines or other high-voltage work equipment. Some believe that industry pressures to meet deadlines are raising electrocution risks by making some workers take shortcuts when it comes to electrical safety.

Preventing electrocution and electrical injuries

Employers have a duty to train their workers on the dangers of working with electricity. They also have a duty to make sure workers have a comprehensive understanding of the various electrical hazards that exist on a construction site. They should also use warning signs and tags to notify workers when electrical hazards are present on a job site. Workers, meanwhile, need to wear personal protective equipment such as safety glasses and face shields when working near power lines or other high-voltage equipment to reduce shock hazards.

Electrical safety hazards are quite common in construction. In fact, they top the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s list of the 10 most cited safety violations year after year. Using faulty wiring methods and failing to follow general electrical requirements are among the most common electrical violations seen in construction.