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Injured By A Defective Product? We Can Help.

When buying a product, we have faith in the manufacturer that we are buying something safe and reliable. When that doesn’t happen, it is crucial that we hold them accountable. Since opening our law firm in 1999, Wagner & Wagner, LLP has helped countless victims throughout New York. Our brother-sister law firm has over 65 years of combined experience.

Understanding The Components Of A Strong Case

Product liability cases can be particularly tricky. In order to be successful, we must show that you were injured as a result of a product because it was defective. We also have to prove that you were using it correctly and the outcome was through no fault of your own. Whether it be a manufacturing error, design defect or a failure to warn of a hazard, our firm does everything we can to build the strongest possible case. Known for taking a client-centered approach, we can answer all of your questions.

What many people don’t realize is the fact that numerous parties can be held accountable. While we have already mentioned the manufacturer can be responsible, it doesn’t stop there. The manufacturer of the component parts, the party that assembles the product, the wholesaler and the store that sold the product can all be found liable. Our job is to gather evidence, examine medical records and advocate on your behalf.

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