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Verdicts & Settlements

$3.3 million Child injured by defective paper shredder
$2.3 million Union worker electrocuted at worksite
$2.1 million Carpenter injured from fall at Manhhattan construction site
$1.5 million Pedestrians injured crossing Staten Island street
$1.3 million Verdict after trial – Brooklyn pedestrian who slipped & fell on ice
$1.075 million Long Island driver injured by drunk driver and drinking establishment
$932,000.00 Queens worker injured while unloading truck
$700,000.00 Staten Island plumber injured at construction site
$635,000.00 Nurse injured in trip and fall in hospital parking lot in Brooklyn
$600,000.00 Passenger injured while exiting car in Brooklyn
$500,000.00 Delivery worker injured from fall on staircase in Manhattan brownstone
$500,000.00 Driver injured in Manhattan when a truck collided with his car
$450,000.00 Pedestrian injured in Manhattan crosswalk
$400,000.00 Queens passenger injured in family owned car
$400,000.00 Verdict after trial – defective dumpster crushed employee’s index finger
$350,000.00 Settled after appeal – patron trip and fall in Staten Island strip mall parking lot
$325,000.00 Passenger from New Jersey injured in motor vehicle accident on George Washington Bridge
$300,000.00 Staten Island woman attacked by vicious dogs after exiting bus
$300,000.00 Employee injured entering Manhattan office buildin
$300,000.00 Staten Island tenant injured on snow and ice
$250,000.00 Bronx student injured due to lack of supervision at school
$250,000.00 Staten Island woman injured from fall on neighbor’s staircase
$250,000.00 World Trade Center Victims’ Compensation Fund